The #1 List of Team Building Activities in Atlanta

Team building is more important than ever. It improves morale, exercises collaboration and cooperation skills, and makes your team feel more confident to move forward together in their careers.

Don't miss out. If you think team building isn't critical for your business, think again. Your company will be at a disadvantage if you don't give your team lots of chances to flex their collaborative and cooperative muscles via the team building experience.

We at Epic Team Building Atlanta have worked hard to put together your perfect list of team-building options in Atlanta, Georgia. We use the philosophy that team building isn't just an extra. It's an essential. It's essential, that is, if you want your business to be successful.

The team building activities and exercises we list here run the gamut, with something for everyone. Check them out and decide what your team would most like or benefit from during their amazing adventures in Atlanta.

Sending your team for epic team building activities and exercises will give them new or more highly developed skills to draw on, as well as plenty of memories to treasure and stories to tell, over the next year. So let's get started with our team building activities treasure house provided by Epic Team Building Atlanta.

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The Best Epic Team Building Activities in Atlanta:

The city of Atlanta has a reputation for being vibrant and exciting, so it's no surprise that it has lots of epic team building activities. It's time to get started with our journey through some of the best team building events and activities in Atlanta.

1. Let’s Roam Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunts – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ [Top Rated in Atlanta]

Atlanta company on a let's roam team builder scavenger hunt

Who doesn't love an adventure? We know your team does! So send them off to explore with the Let's Roam: Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunts. This 5-star rated activity is app-led and will bring your team around the entire city of your choice. Let's Roam Corporate Scavenger Hunts are team building activities that will let your corporate team see the whole of the metropolis, completing team building cooperative tasks to win challenges, and compete so their group gets the highest score.

With Let's Roam, your team will see all of the city's most famous landmarks, as well as hidden gems. There is a plethora of team-building challenges and roles. Let's Roam is available in more than 400 cities. And you'll get a designated event planner. There are customized options available, such as upgrades (including tailored drink/route pit stops) and integrated company trivia. You simply can't go wrong with this fantastic event and activity in Atlanta, Georgia.

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2. Escape the Room

Team on a Atlanta team building scavenger hunt

A room-escape event and activity that your team will be enthralled by, Escape the Room encourages participants to develop their collaboration and teamwork skills. It involves solving puzzles by finding hidden clues within a single hour. If your team has fewer than 12 members, this is a fantastic team building choice in Atlanta.

Escape the Room offers escape rooms with different themes. At the moment, they have rooms with The Rec Room, The Apartment, and the Newsroom themes. Whichever one you choose, your team will have to solve puzzles and quickly find clues by searching through hidden compartments. Escape the Room is certainly among the most exciting team building activities in Atlanta.

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3. Paranoia Quest

If you think your team would enjoy and benefit from an escape room event or activity, look into booking at Paranoia Quest. The team building challenge will be finding all the clues they need to get out of the room.

The debriefing that happens after will give your team the chance to learn from the experience and can give extreme insight into where their communication skills can improve. If you want to make this an all-day team building experience, you can include catering.

Your team will be able to choose their challenge and the theme of their room. Paranoia Quest's escape rooms usually have special lighting and sounds to make the experience as realistic and exciting as possible.

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4. Kidbilly Music

Your team will have a blast creating their own theme song! That's what you can do at Kidbilly Music. Just imagine the possible lyrics. It's hard to imagine a better way of encouraging camaraderie and cooperation.

You'll work with skilled songwriters that will help you create a catchy hook for their special song. If you can devote enough time to your teambuilding activity, the team can even make a recording of their song. Imagine playing that at the start of staff meetings! It will be a memento forever and a point of bonding that will last as long as your employees work together in this team building activity.

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5. Atlanta Motorsports Park

Get your team revved up with this teamwork activity that's a bit more on the dare devil side. Well, maybe not dare devil, but your employees might like to spend the day pretending they are race car drivers at this exciting local attraction.

This motorsports playground is truly one of a kind. It's a hot spot for corporate events and is found in the gorgeous Dawsonville mountain foothills. It boasts an F1-designed track that is two miles in length. It has been named one of North America's top ten tracks. Atlanta Motorsports park also has an exhilarating karting circuit. Get ready for some thrills with this dynamic team building activity!

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6. Adult Big Wheel Club

Give your team a light-hearted and nostalgic good time by sending them to the Adult Big Wheel Club for team building events and activities. This spot provides huge, adult-sized tricycles with gigantic fun wheels. Get ready for a high-spirited good time with an excellent offering of fun team-building challenge activities. This spot is known for its unique event challenge game.

Atlanta's Big Wheel Club has team building events such as the Big Wheel Relay Collection Challenge. This involves a racecourse as well as special relay challenges for your team. The event requires your group to work cooperatively in teams. It's designed to boost communication and collaboration skills. It really flexes the memory muscles, too.

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7. Ponce City Market's Skyline Park

This dynamic amusement park is a popular Atlanta spot where you can bring your team for a memorable day of team building experiences. They'll work together for games of skill and challenge each other to go on the full range of rides.

Mini-golf is a never fail amusement that most of your team will enjoy and it has team building chops, too. Keep track of those score cards! Ponce City Market's Skyline Park is also known for its tasty treats and cocktails, so let your team indulge for a while.

Amazingly, Skyline Park is found on Ponce City Market's rooftop. You can get discounts on admission for large groups, so ask what the rates would be for your team. You can reserve a private event in order to get a designated area and staff for the event.

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8. The Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame

If you've got more than a few football fans on your office team, take them to the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta. This spot has group building workshops for 15 or more people.

And the best part? You can even run drills and do other football activities on the indoor playing field. Want realism? Try the 360-degree simulator the College Football Hall of Fame makes available for team building events.

The experiences your team will have at a team building event at the Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame will improve their communication and cooperation skills. It will also help foster a healthy sense of competition, the type that is bolstered by effective teamwork.

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Wildly Fun Team Building Activities in Atlanta

If you think your team needs some time to let loose while developing their friendships with one another, you could send them on activities that involve partaking of Atlanta's nightlife and arts and entertainment scene.

9. BarHunt

Atlanta employees on a corporate bar crawl

If you're seeking a way for your team to let loose and have fun, seek no further. is a top-notch way to let your team experience the best of a city's nightlife. It's a Let's Roam Bar Crawl activity.

This event adventure is led via app, and your employees will go to four bars, all highly rated, that have distinctly different atmospheres. There are six back-up bars, too. At every stop, your team will have the chance to experience mini-games and take on awesome video/phone challenges.

Bringing your team on a BarHunt event adventure tells them that you understand they need to have a raucous good time occasionally and you respect their need to socialize and get to know each other in a more casual venue.

Your team will bring their new friendships with one another to the office, helping them cooperate and communicate more effectively. And all this can lead to more success for you.

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10. The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

If many members of your team enjoy Shakespeare and would like to experience the plays as they were in the days of old, book a team-building activity at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse. There's lots of tasty food and drinks, and a fun atmosphere to boot. You'll enjoy seeing the authentic costumes. There's also the chance for the audience to interact with the play as it's happening.

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Outdoor Team Building Ideas and Team Building Scavenger Hunts IN Atlanta

If you think your team would most enjoy some time exploring the city in the fresh air and sunshine, check out a selection of the outdoor team building exercises available in Atlanta, including scavenger hunts.

11. ScavengerHunt

Team on a Atlanta team building scavenger hunt

This is truly an epic adventure event. It's city-wide, stretching all over the exciting metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia. It lets your corporate team go all over the city, exploring, making memories, and most importantly, practicing their collaboration skills and exercising their competitive instincts for their team to get the highest score. These are the kinds of skills you need in abundance in your business.

Your team will see all of your chosen city's must-see landmarks, as well as hidden gems. There are team-building challenges and roles. assigns you a dedicated event planner. There are upgrades available, such as tailored drink pit stops/ route, as well integrated company trivia.

If you want to give your team an adventure they'll never forget and can reminisce on together, book with this popular company for a scavenger hunt in Atlanta.

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12. Smart Hunts

If scavenger hunts are something you believe your team would like, Smart Hunts is yet another company you might like to consider. It has Mind Games, Trivia Blitz, and Magic Show virtual team building options. Smart Hunts is definitely a company and option to keep in mind if you want to do a scavenger hunt for your team in Atlanta.

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13. Watson Adventures

Watson Adventures is another company you can turn to for team-building activities. It offers virtual team building activities and options such as virtual city tours and virtual trivia games. Watson Adventures is a popular company, and it offers scavenger hunts in Atlanta that sure team is sure to enjoy and learn from.

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14. Topgolf

Topgolf has not only a full-service bar and rooftop terrace, but also provides enough space for at least 12 people. This is a great chance for your team to practice their golfing skills. The balls are microchipped, meaning that they can be tracked and progress better measured.

Topgolf is a top-notch corporate event if you want to get your team into the competitive spirit while working on their skills of patience and cooperation, as well. To excel at golf, after all, you've got to willing to wait for your team and then blow everyone away with your skills. What a great mindset to bring into the workplace.

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Atlanta Team Building Activities with Food & Drink

Who doesn't enjoy a bit of time larking about in the kitchen or partaking in a delicious meal or drinks? No one. That's why a team building event or activity focusing on food and drink is always a popular choice.

15. 23. Bar Crawl & Food Tours – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Atlanta employees on a corporate bar crawl

If you fancy a good drink at the end of a long work week, look no further than BarHunt's epic bar crawl. This app-led high-spirited adventure takes you and your team on an electrifying team building quest across the best bars in Atlanta. Step into the highest-rated bars and establishments for a night of mini-challenges, games, hysterical photo-ops, and unforgettable memories. Rack up points for your team and make friends for life as you check each bar off your list. The winning team gets crowned the Ultimate BarHunt champion, so there’s much at stake. And don’t worry, the in-app photo and video storage will remind you of your boozy voyage even if you forget!

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16. Pop the Cork Wine Tour

Pop the Cork's Wine Tours in Atlanta offer all-day private tours in the state's best vineyards, making it a fantastic corporate event idea. These tours span eight to nine hours and mean that your team gets to go on a luxury mini-coach. With the Pop the Cork wine tours, your employees will go to three or four wineries, sampling some of the best vino these establishments have to offer.

Pop the Cork is a great way to make your team feel valued and that you care about their enjoying themselves and taking part in a leisurely day while also learning about each other and getting to know one another's likes and dislikes.

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17. Atlanta Food Walks

Bring your team on an Atlanta Food Walk event and give them the opportunity to enjoy the delicious local foods, including Southern classics, available all over the city. You'll also learn about the Civil Rights Movement and how food played a part in this history in this dynamic event idea.

For an event and activity that not only gives your team a corporate even that will let them eat new, delicious foods but also the opportunity to learn about a fascinating part of the country, give Atlanta Food Walks a try.

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18. Hal's Kitchen Cooking Class

Working in a high-pressure kitchen is one of the most challenging tests of your teamwork skills, and you'll get this for your team at Hal's Kitchen Cooking Class. They'll have to come together to create a delicious meal in a limited amount of time.

This is a fantastic way to boost organization and planning skills. And then you'll be able to enjoy a lovely meal at the end. Talk about a sense of accomplishment and wonderful memories for your team going forward. This is a wonderful event idea for any team.

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19. Starlight Drive-In

Bring out your inner movie critic with an excursion to Starlight Drive-In. This is a unique event idea that your team is sure to love. After the watching the movie in separate vehicles, your group can come together to talk about and reminisce about the movie afterwards. Set up debate questions that you can all chew over. There are tasty snacks to enjoy during the movie. You can get them at the snack bar located at the drive-in.

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20. Agatha's Mystery Theater

Agatha's is a well-known murder mystery theater dinner venue and is popular for corporate events. Maybe you've seen it featured on TV. It's a favorite of lots of famous people and celebrities. The great thing about this murder mystery dinner venue is that it's comedy focused! Your team will have a fantastic laugh while exercising their teamwork and critical thinking muscles solving the mystery. This interactive event is one not to be missed in Atlanta.

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Virtual Team Building Activities for Atlanta Companies

Over the past several months, we've all learned how important it is to have a selection of virtual team building activities you can turn to for your team. This is true whether your workforce is permanently remote or remote just for now.

21. Let’s Roam Virtual Team Builder

Atlanta based team boing a virtual team building event

Do you have remote team? Then look no further than Let's Roam's Virtual Team Building Events. Morale-boosting and cooperation are the hallmarks of this experience. Let's Roam provides experienced event experts who will collaborate with you in order to create the best and most beneficial experience for your team.

Virtual Team has an all-in-one, custom virtual team building platform and interface. It brings together the benefits of embedded video chat and exciting online games (such as teammate trivia, general trivia, and even charades). Let's Roam most important focus is making sure that the right activities are chosen for your team, to meet your business objectives. .

You'll have access to a dedicated account executive, who will ensure that there's no stress involved. There are options for customization, as well, such as selectable game options, integrated company trivia, and Hilarious Host. Every option offered by Let's Roam Virtual Team Building is an unmissable team building experience. .

A few of the iconic companies that are Let's Roam virtual team building customers include Amazon, Nike, Microsoft, Krispy Kreme, and Wells Fargo. .

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22. Team Building With Taste

This Atlanta cooking school has fun team building programs, all centered around kitchen activities. It has recently begun offering virtual team building options and events, in which they use zoom to carry out the instruction and interaction for your team. Your employees will have a blast, brushing up their skills in the areas of cooperation and time management.

Team Building With Taste challenges and events focus on cooking and enjoying the kitchen. They're always highly engaging, and they're a fantastic choice if you know many of your team members are foodies. Even if they're not big cooking buffs, they'll still have a great time and maybe even pick up a few tips they can use in their own kitchens.

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23. The Go Game

The Go Game is provided by Go Remote, a remote teambuilding company. It's a great way to strengthen your company culture and get your team working more seamlessly, flexing their team building skills. The Go Game has an interactive platform and participation is easy.

The games this company facilitates include events and activities such as Buzz in Pub Trivia, Fun Facts Match, Pictionary Drawing, and more. The games are accompanied by music from the host or DJ. There's also amusing and engaging commentary. There's no chance that your team will get bored with The Go Game. And they'll improve their communication and time management skills.

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24.'s Online Office Games offers excellent online office games and events that you can use for your teambuilding. Its Online Office Games is a group of virtual team building activities and games, such as printer paper origami, a murder mystery called Murder in Ancient Egypt, typing-speed races, and spreadsheet pixel-art.

All of's activities are designed to improve employee engagement and happiness. They conduct their virtual events by way of 90-minute video calls. Most events and activities have two hosts, so that one can concentrate on potential technical issues while the other consistently engages your team, creating the strongest possible team building effect.

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25. Virtual Storytelling Chain

This activity involves team members individually coming up with part of a story and then the others consecutively adding to it. The story should be kept light-hearted and not involve anything that might offend others, so make sure the rules are in place before the activity begins.

There's no pressure for the story to be a work of literature! It's just for fun and should be told by way of video conferencing. This can be a great activity for adding some hilarity and laughter into your teammate's interactions. If you'd like, you can record the adventure, keeping it as a fun memento for your employees. And the cooperation your team will have to use in the virtual storytelling chain is a fantastic team building exercise.

26. Show and Tell

Nope, show and tell isn't just for kindergarteners! You can do a virtual show and tell with your team through videoconferencing software. Each team member should show something that they think will interest the others or that is important in their life.

This could be anything. Perhaps a book, an old CD or record, a photo album, an award, or a memento of a special memory. Team members could even introduce their pets and tell the story of how they got and named them.

Virtual Show and Tell is a great way for your team to get to know one another better, getting more thoroughly acquainted with each person's likes and dislikes.

Team Building for Animal and Wildlife Enthusiasts

If there are lots of animal lovers in your team, they'll appreciate the chance to spend some time with pets and wildlife during their team building.

27. Georgia Aquarium

We're all kids at heart and your team will love to enjoy a corporate event at the Georgia Aquarium. Even those less interested in wildlife will appreciate the experiential dining experience offered by Wolfgang Puck Catering, which has come together with the aquarium for a fantastic team-building experience.

Even if you have a huge team, no worries. You can rent as much as 23,000 square feet of space. As if that wasn't enough, you can get free A/V equipment and Wi-Fi access, as well as built-in theatres. This will be a major plus for team-building exercises and presentations of all kinds.

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28. PAWS Atlanta

PAWS Atlanta is an admirable animal shelter for cats and dogs. It's a no-kill shelter, something the animal lovers on your team will love. And let's face it, that's pretty much everyone! Who doesn't love a cute kitty or puppy? There's plenty of them here. Your team can go and see the shelter's cat cottage or spend time playing with the canine companions.

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Epic Team Building Atlanta: Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question or planning an Atlanta event? Let us know and we will answer it here! We are happy to answer all your questions about team building, corporate events and company culture.

Have a question or planning an Atlanta event? Let us know and we will answer it here! We are happy to answer all your questions about team building, corporate events and company culture.

What is the most epic team-building activity in Atlanta?

It's the Let's Roam corporate team building scavenger hunts. This corporate event is a true adventure, giving your team the opportunity to explore the city, practicing their collaboration and cooperation skills as they go. You can depend on Let's Roam for the best team building activities in Atlanta and across the country.

What should I keep in mind when planning an epic team builder?

If you want true team-building expertise and experience, as well as something that's exciting and will keep your team's blood pumping, the Let's Roam exciting events and team building activities are an especially good choice.

How do I know which epic team builder is right for my company?

It's best to choose an event idea that has custom options. This will make sure you have the perfect fit. Find a team building activity with flexibility, as well as dedicated event staff that will help ensure that your event achieves your organization's specific goals. At the end of the day, it's often best to go with your gut when selecting team building activities.